Clio Renner is Melbourne-based pianist, keyboardist, vocalist and songwriter, whose own music reflects the dizzying array of Australian rock artists she has performed with. She creates breathy, melody-driven Indie Pop influenced by Rufus Wainwright, Radiohead, Joni Mitchell and Beck.

Following on from her acclaimed 2018 EP Something Left to Leave Behind, Clio releases her debut album nothing breaks, nothing mends during lockdown in 2020. This album, co-produced by Lawrence Folvig and Brian Campeau, explores the varying states of resistance as humans before we lose our bounds and shrink. Every note and production choice in Clio’s album appears thoughtfully considered, painting an eclectic and vibrant sound-world that says a great deal in a short time.

Clio has worked with a roll-call of Australian rock royalty including Angus and Julia Stone, Deborah Conway, Tim Rogers, Bob Evans, Alex Lahey, G Flip, Killing Heidi and Olympia. She is a part of the beloved ‘RocKwiz’ house band, and the ‘Countdown’ band, featuring in the ABC’s New Year’s Eve concert broadcasts at the Sydney Opera House.

Clio’s freelance career has led to numerous jobs as Musical Director, including ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ concert in 2016 celebrating women in Australian music, (later evolving into the acclaimed documentary of the same name), and The Age Music Victoria Awards 2017 house band. With Ella Thompson (Bamboos, GL) and Becky Sui Zhen (Sui Zhen, No Zu) she co-directed Like Running Water, a collaboration for Melbourne Festival in 2017.

Clio’s 2018 EP received a 4-star rating from Forte magazine, and she was subsequently named Indie Artist of the Week by the Australian Independent Record Labels Association. 




Clio’s reputation as a world-class musician already precedes her and this album is the work of an incredibly accomplished songwriter and composer  - Paul Dempsey (Something for Kate)



I’ve been waiting for a Clio record for so long and it has far exceeded my already high expectations and excitement. Turns out she can do anything. – Alex Lahey


A star whose intelligence runs bewitchingly with

her powers. Watch her rise -   Tim Rogers



I believe her now, I’ll still believe her tomorrow... and in the world where everything so brief and meaningless, she stands out amongst the crowd! - Kate Cebrano



Clio’s a cut above the rest of her class…. All those established stars who use Clio as a keyboard gun for hire are gonna have to look elsewhere soon because she’s gonna be too busy doing her own stuff- Jon Von Goes, Triple R



There is an effortlessness… Clio's vocals float across rich and dynamic textures, with challenging structures and arrangements presented with a sense of simplicity and ease” -   Tom Iansek (Big Scary)




Clio’s music is evocative and elusive. Her personal lyrics conceal their sources, eschewing narrative in favour of allusion and intimation.  - Joseph Connoer (Music Trust)